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Ready for some serious fun?


Not many people think of using a folding bike for fitness and exercise. That is because they have never ridden a melon. Our wide range of gearing and stiff lightweight aluminum frames allow you to keep up with the big boys. Fit your workout in with ease by simply keeping your bike in the car trunk.


Do you want a bike that is seriously fun to ride and doesn’t involve the headache of a bike rack? A melon folding bike has everything you need. An upright riding position and intuitive shifting let you concentrate on enjoying the scenery or chasing the kids. Riding a melon is the best stress relief around.


Melon 20 inch wheel folding bikes make the most sense in an urban environment. Dodging in and around cars and up on sidewalks, their high maneuverability and quick starting capability is perfect. Fold them up for the train or bus and carry them into an office, restaurant, apartment, or dorm room.


Want to break out a bike when off in your boat or RV? A melon 20 inch wheel folding bike folds into a very manageable size and will give you the freedom to cycle wherever your travels take you. Remember, with a melon, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for portability!

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