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Riding is believing! A 20 inch wheel folding bike is a pure blast to ride! Picture quick-starting to a high speed instantly – no big wheel inertia to overcome. Picture dodging all obstacles on your commute, or zigzagging through other students on the way to class. Picture riding circles around your kids and having as much fun as they are while doing it. Picture blowing by someone on a bike fitness trail – now that’s satisfaction. These bikes really handle!

20 inch wheel folding bike shifting

20 inch wheels provide incredible maneuverability and stability while allowing you to conquer any terrain with only 8 gears. You will be amazed that you are able to cover the same span of gear ratios as a 24 or 27 speed conventional bike. You'll wonder why you were riding a bike with so many gears in the first place. The SRAM grip shifters on our slice folding bike make shifting intuitive and fun. We even incorporate a display that shows what gear you are riding in – it doesn't get much easier than that!

the melon slice 20 inch wheel folding bike

The melon slice folding bike is engineered just like conventional hybrid, fitness, and commuter bikes with one exception: 20 inch wheels. Borrowing from mountain bike and road bike technology, we've designed the melon slice from the wheels up with superior components for smooth shifting, firm braking, and a comfortable upright riding position. Just see:

  • Large-size 52T Front Chainring is a must for a folding bike
  • Lightweight 7005 Aluminum Frame-stiffer than any other folding bike around
  • Superior Geometry makes for a smooth ride and quick turning capability
  • Shimano and Sram Components-this bike is not a toy
  • Threadless Headset-the most modern design for safety and reliability
  • Cionlli Premium Saddle with dual density padding for ultimate comfort
  • Don't fool around with 16 inch wheel folding bikes-not in the same ballpark

20 inch wheel folding bike advantages

Our slice folding bicycles can be transported in the trunk of your car, brought along to the office or classroom, carried into a restaurant, taken on vacation, stored in the RV or boat, or easily kept in the apartment closet. No more wasting time on the whole routine of attaching the bike rack to your car; the foldable bike’s already in the trunk! The slice is a bike that folds, not a folding bike – you don't have to sacrifice performance for portability.

Looking for a serious bicycle that makes riding easy and fun? Use your melon and GO20!