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melon slice folding bike

The melon slice folding bicycle takes riding convenience to the next level. You will never need to wrestle with a bike rack again, but that is just the start-wait until you ride it! The slice is a zippy, great handling, sturdy bicycle guaranteed to put a smile on your face. You’ll soon think of your slice as a bike that folds, not a folding bike.

folding bike simplicity

The Slice is designed with and extra large front chainring that provides the gear ratios necessary to conquer any terrain with only 8 gears. We believe that for most people, 24 or 27 gears are completely unnecessary and just get in the way of your enjoyable riding experience. The SRAM MRX Pro grip shifter makes shifting completely intuitive and fun; you click the grip away from you to go to the next higher gear and towards you to go to the next lower gear. The large numerical display by the hand grip lets you see what gear you are in at a glance.

lightweight foldable bike

The slice is made from lightweight 7005 aluminum and is easy to put in and out of the trunk, carry into the office or classroom, or store in the apartment closet. The seat is comfortable but firm, allowing you to stay in the saddle as long as you like. The rear mounted kickstand is out of the way but convenient for those moments when you actually have to stop riding. High quality rims and high-powered V-brakes round out the design.

slice advantages

We designed the slice as the 20" wheel, easily transported alternative to conventional comfort, hybrid, fitness, and commuting bikes. An upright riding position makes for an enjoyable day in the saddle. All this said, we never get enough of seeing a person’s face light up the first time that they GO2O. If you are ready for some serious fun, the slice folding bike is the one for you.

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