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Melon Bicycles

Melon bicycles started with the vision to make riding a bicycle a simpler and more enjoyable experience. We decided to create fun to ride, easy to transport, intuitive to operate 20” wheel folding bicycles, designed for a wide range of rider abilities. You will be able to figure out the operation of our bikes for yourself, without prior instruction, all in one short trip around the block. Our folding bikes have the advantage of being easily taken and ridden anywhere. No bike racks required. That's right, spend your time riding, not loading the car.

Use our folding bikes for fitness, recreation, commuting, or travel with much less effort than you ever thought imaginable. Most folding bikes are very utilitarian in nature, but our 20 inch wheel folding bicycles offer a zippy, great handling ride that’s perfect for most uses. From the stiffness of the lightweight aluminum frames to the length of the wheel base, our bikes are designed to perform as well as conventional comfort, fitness, hybrid, and commuter bikes. Hop on a melon and experience the smoothness of shifting and the firmness of braking due to our superior Shimano and SRAM components.

We are definitely out to discredit all of the limitations placed on folding bikes and truly show you how much fun they are to ride. Even with our comfortable upright riding position, our bicycles can be ridden as hard or as easy as you please. See why using your melon is a total blast. Riding is believing!

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