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Purtier Placenta

The Controversy Behind The Purtier Placenta

Many people are very sceptical about the new emerging drugs which is the purtier placenta. This is a rather new drugs which is being produced in the new Zealand, and as the name suggest, the main component is the deer placenta. The placenta itself is the hub of body part that is used to transfer the nutrition from the mother’s body to the foetuses, or the baby.

The one which will be used for the drugs is the deer placenta and not human placenta. The first controversy arises is about the ethical side for using this drugs.

The new Zealand company has strongly assert that the drugs is not harming a single deer in the process of making, and they say that the deer is given anesthesia inĀ  order for it not feeling any pain when the placenta is being removed.

Second controversy is about the overly claim that the drugs can cure so many diseases and illness such as the cancer all the way to stage 4, hypertension, and so on. many people are very sceptical about this drugs, but there are so many people that already testified for the purtier placenta that it actually really work.

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Purtier Placenta

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